A significant area of the Charles Sturt Council stormwater collection area sits behind the sand dunes and requires an automated high volume pump station to manage the risk of localised flooding. The existing stormwater pump station on Beach Street had exce required additional capacity to meet the ongoing needs of the council. T & J Constructions was contracted to install high volume pumps and pits and link them to the existing underground detention tanks located in the road. The new pump station was 7m deep by 9m by 5m and was accompanied by an equally deep Junction box on the end of the detention tank.


The Beach Streeeet Pump Station was next to a kindergarten, commuunnity centre and church and on a busy throughh r road. Stakeholder management included meeting wiitth each of the resident centres and the local sshhops as well as multiple letter drops providing adv vaanced warning and a progress update for locaal l residents. The worksite traffic management includdeed detours, stop go, complete road closures aand partial road closures depending on the stage oof the works. All stormwater coming from thhe site required processing through a sediment tank before being pumped into the stormwater ouuttlet (at Grange Beach).


  • Minor works iin ncluding construction, reconstruction and widening Service Adjustments
  • Medium Size e CCulvert Works including precast components
  • Non-complexx service relocation
  • At grade inte errs section and channelisation works
  • Granular andd o or Asphalt Pavements Pavement Construction
  • Cross and Lonngitudinal Drainage
  • General Earthhw works exceeding 5m in cut or fill
  • Mechanicallyy s stabilised Earth Construction to a nominal 5m in heiggh ht
  • Moderately ccoomplex worksite traffic management
  • Pavement co onnstruction using modified materials
  • Moderately ccoomplex to complex community/stakeholder management


Beach Street, Grange




May 2012 – August 2012


City of Charles Sturt