The Glenside Development Project is a redevelopment project in which urban form will be integrated with historic buildings in the Glenside area to create a residential suburb in a natural park-land setting. The first stage of the project involved the demolition and removal of 11 buildings of non-heritage significance across the site in order to prepare it for remediation. The demolition, an ambitious 14-week project, was finished 4 weeks ahead of program. After demolition, remediation of the land had to take place in order to make the site suitable for residential development. The site’s un-engineered fill was excavated down to natural material, removing contaminated fill materials from the earth. The same engineered fill was tested to ensure no remaining contamination then laid back over the natural soil, with the exception of apartment sites. Natural soil was excavated below and surrounding future apartment sites, then used to create elevated block pads for future townhouses. The apartment sites weren’t refilled so that appropriate services may be constructed in future.

Stage 2 Bulk Earthworks was 26-week program for the construction of bulk earthworks, trunk sewer main and detention basin and involves excavating the existing fill material on site, down to natural, and the placing this material under Level 1 supervision to achieve the final design levels, and laying the required services.


  • Demolition of above-ground superstructure
  • Excavation of underground substructure
  • Asbestos Monitoring
  • Removal and disposal of all asbestos formwork
  • Excavation of contaminated fill materials
  • Temporary stockpiling of fill materials
  • Excavation of natural soils below and surrounding future apartment sites
  • Placement of excavated contaminated fill materials in the void created by excavation of
  • natural soils
  • Lay of excavated natural soils to achieve design surface levels
  • Transferral of surplus natural soils to offsite locations for re-use or disposal


Glenside, South Australia


Cedar Woods Properties Ltd


Stage 1 $4,300,000
Stage 2 BE $3,745,000


July 2017 – July 2020