Tonsley Development is in an old industrial area on the south western fringe of Adelaide. This is a large parcel of land situated next to the recently converted old Mitsubishi Factory. It is now an innovation hub with Flinders University and small start-up businesses. This large area was full of uncontrolled fill and potentially contaminated material / groundwater which requiring in depth planning to work through.

As part of stage 1 a large amount of earthworks remediation was completed across 1/3 of the whole site. Excavators were used to remove the uncontrolled fill, moisture condition and then compact under level 1 supervision. Some bore holes were completed before the works started to determine the approximate quantity of uncontrolled fill that was across the site. The depth of the remediation varied between 1 m and 4 m across the site. Survey was used to pickup the natural material layer and the client was charged on this basis.

After the remediation was completed the sewer, stormwater and water services were constructed. The road construction followed and then CST works. This site has been unique in that the footpaths were not completed until after the buildings were built. This has proved challenging coming back to site to complete small portions of footpath with traffic and pedestrian management signage in place.

Up to now 2 stages of bulk earthworks remediation have been completed with an approximate quantity of 50,000 m3 of remediation cut to fill and also around 10,000 m3 of import to fill. Through the 4 stages completed at Tonsley some 130 allotments have been created with all associated services and road construction.


  • Cut to fill : 50,000 m3
  • Fill from offsite: 10,000 m3
  • 4 Stages Completed
  • 130 allotments
  • All associated services
  • All associated roadwork and footpath works
  • 8 detailed trench stops


Tonsley, South Australia


Stage 1 – $1,800,000.00
Stage 2 – $1,317,817.57
Stage 3 – $977,338.29
Stage 7 – $749,061.57




March 2018 – Current