The stormwater upgrade within Forrest Avenue and Way Place took place over a period of 3 months from January to March 2019.

The existing stormwater drainage system in Forrest Avenue, serviced by a single pit in the Forrest Avenue sag, and two pits at the end of Way Place. The system then traverses through an easement in No. 4 Way Place, and ultimately connected to a large deep drain in the Bandon Terrace Reserve. During heavy rain events, street stormwater was overtopping the verge and entering the properties on the south side. This resulted in significant scouring through the building site and around footings.

The project primarily aimed at replacing the existing failed RIBLOC pipe with a new and larger concrete stormwater pipe.

The project commenced at an existing junction box in the Way Place cul-de-sac. From here, the new pipe extended along Way Place until it reached Forrest Avenue, where it deviated north. At the point of deviation, the trench was at its extreme depth of over 6 metres. The system possessed several pipe bends and junction boxes to facilitate the change in direction and avoided underground services.


Works involved laying fibre reinforced pipe at 6 meters in depth and included the following scope of works:

  • Service relocations
  • Pavement excavation and reinstatement
  • Kerb and gutter replacement
  • New Side Entry Pits (SEP’s)
  • Working around and with existing services

Traffic Management was an important element in consultation with key stakeholders and community involvement.


Forrest Avenue, Marino




January – March 2019


City of Marion